Is it true that the world doesn’t owe you anything?

As I talk to entrepreneurs each day, I have noticed a pattern. We think people owe us something. Just because we have opened up a business, we feel entitled that our wives should respect the fact we want to go conquer the world.

We want our kids to understand we are going out there to hustle every day and that they should respect the things we do. We have this constant battle in our minds. Why don’t people respect what we do?

As entrepreneurs, we think people should open up just because we have a service. We believe the marketplace should receive us with open arms. We think the world owes us something and that is one of the biggest mistakes we could make. We have the misconception that now that we are entrepreneurs things should just fall into place because we made a decision to do something.

Owe You Anything

The world has a way of showing us it isn’t that easy. It’s great you are an entrepreneur and you have all this drive and a purpose, but you also have to be a father, a husband, a brother, a son… and you have to nourish those relationships.

People are not going to respect your hustle unless you can show them respect on their time. The world is not going to give you shit unless you can give something to the world. The world doesn’t owe you shit.

You have to pursue everything you want. You need to realise the marketplace isn’t going to respect you and your wife isn’t going to support you at first… and your kids are going to want more time with you. Realising all this every day is a battle for you to let go.

The more you want to take… the more you want to live in scarcity… the more you want to have the world give you something… the world is going to resist and tell you to GROW… – to earn your stripes. Earn the right to love your woman. Earn the respect of your kids. Earn your position in the marketplace.

The moment you are willing to give is when the world will give you everything. Give not because you want to but because you are willing. Give not because you are entitled… but because you deserve it as a result of the things you do every day.

Audio Source: Sound Cloud