It is the fact that males are having less patience than females. So it one of the reasons why most male entrepreneurs aren’t winning.

It takes one thing to win in business:  PATIENCE… and female entrepreneurs are killing it out there. I believe women are winning in the game of business because they have the patience to see things through. They have support and understand it takes time and drive to make things happen.

Men are not naturally patient.

A woman understands and lives patience. She has to wait nine months before her child is physically in her arms. That same child takes its time to walk and talk and achieve other things in its life. That takes patience to endure and women are there every step of the way.Patience is part of their DNA.

Men are so impatient they couldn’t wait nine months to get paid. When we create a business, we don’t have the patience to wait for success. We want it to happen right now.

Male Entrepreneurs

I have learned over my eighteen years as an entrepreneur that patience is key.If I have patience, my business will soar and it will be better because of it.

I can’t simply pretend things are going to happen overnight. Any project I take on has taken almost nine months to take flight and be profitable. If you don’t have the patience to wait for success, don’t start a business. You will be disappointed and fail.

Men, you need to learn patience.You have more chances to fail the longer you play the entrepreneurial game, but patience will be the staying power you need to win.

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