Is Stress Good? 

Today I met with two of my clients. Each is facing big challenges in his life. One client is going through a shit storm in three areas of his life: his business, marriage and health. He is completely stressed out. This man didn’t react to his circumstances. Instead, he chose to rise to the challenge.

My other client is stressed about work, his relationship and his daughter. He went back to his old ways of handling stress. He didn’t have the capacity to rise to the challenge.

is stress good

Here we have two different men with two different ways of handling stress. One invited stress and used it as a tool to grow while the other man allowed himself to shrink under the pressure. Stress exposed his weaknesses. Stress is good when you have the capacity to handle stress. It will always expose your capacity to level up.

For an entrepreneur, stress is fear of the things we know we have to – and should do but we don’t so we can avoid the pain. Stress gives you the insights you need to level up.

If you are not aware of the pain and feedback life is giving you, you will always shrink and resort to the old patterns of the man you were before. You will not use the pain as fire to level up. You will stay where you have always been and the stress will not disappear.

Your stress will continue to grow until you have the capacity to do what you need to do. I challenge you to look at stress as a kick in the ass to help you grow…to get stronger… You need to do something to change. Don’t shrink in fear of stress. Level the fuck up.

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