Do we sabotage our momentum?

-We are constantly moving in a million directions.
-We want to please our spouses, have healthy bodies and create a legacy.

But – it’s inevitable. There will be a crash, and when you finally do crash, what will you do?

You have two choices –

  • break through the wall
  • sabotage your momentum.

If you’ve hit the wall before, your mind already has an idea of the shit that’s not going to work.

Since your mind knows you’re going to crash, it may slow you down and stop you before you crash again. We are used to stomping on the brakes before we hit the wall. It’s easier to burn things down than it is to break through and get to the other side.
We Sabotage Our Momentum
The moment you become aware of this pattern in yourself, you’ll be better equipped to determine your best course of action. Do you want to break through or do you want to stop?

I’ve created a new pattern in my life. Instead of slowing down and stopping, I speed up.I know I have a better chance of getting beyond the wall if I continue the momentum toward success.

No matter how smart or talented you are, you will crash. The difference between those who crash and those who get to the other side is their awareness of the wall.

Don’t let fear of the wall deter you. Use that fear to give you the strength to persevere.

The wall is not the end. Believe the wall is the beginning of a new journey to get to the reward on the other side.

If you want to increase your capacity, you have to be willing to break through the wall and get to the other side where success lies.

Each of us has sabotaged our momentum. Become aware of that pattern within yourself and make the right choice.

Audio Source: Sound Cloud