You will have enemies in your life. Despite what you think, there are people who don’t want you to succeed, they may be your worst enemy.

There are people who will take from you and want you to fail. You will have haters as you become more successful. More people are going to come after you and criticize you. Not everyone wants you to be the best. Some people are threatened by your success.

Some people may want everyone to like them but entrepreneurs like you and me thrive on challenges. We thrive on enemies and those who want to take from us. Competition fuels our FIRE.

I believe we have to look for worthy opponents. This is someone who will inspire and drive you to reach the next level.

When it comes to enemies,  you have piss them off  so their mission is to fuck with you. Make them want to help you fail. You will encounter those enemies who will want to do everything in their power to see you fail. They are not your worst enemies.


Your Worst Enemy

You know your weaknesses and your triggers. You are familiar with the negative self-talk you give yourself every day. Everyone else is just a challenge.

You can use the critics and the haters as drivers. Use their FIRE to help you succeed. The only one who can sabotage your success and everything you stand for is YOU.

Unfortunately, you can never get away from that voice in your head that sabotages everything you believe in. You are your worst enemy until you realize you have control of that voice.

You need to turn that enemy into your ally. You need to turn it into a partner with a voice that will guide you and give you that FIRE to drive you to where you want to go. Stand in the face of your enemies and show them what you’ve got. Show those motherfuckers what you are made of and that you will succeed.

Can you stand in front of the mirror and call yourself out instead of shrinking and playing small?

Don’t be your own worst enemy. Tell that voice to shut the fuck up, get out there and turn your worst enemy into your ally.

Audio Source: Sound Cloud