I speak with hundreds of men every single month who apply to the Next Level Experience looking for their chance to find the EDGE.

They have a common trait –they can’t make a decision to save their lives.

It’s not for lack of information or knowledge.There’s tons of information out there.We businessmen know what to do.

The problem is that we can’t make a decision to take ACTION.When we do finally make a decision to take action, we find a million reasons why we shouldn’t follow through.
Number One Pattern
You might think this indecision is related to business matters only.That is wrong! Your indecision and uncertainty carry over into your relationships, too. That’s when you lose polarity…or the balance and attraction in your relationship. Your spouse is looking to you to lead her and the moment you can’t make decisions and lead her… is when you lose that polarity.

Do you wonder why things are a mess at home and work? It’s because you’ve lost that polarity… you can’t make a decision and that fucks everything up.

To break this pattern, make a decision, any decision…right or wrong. Even if you fail, at least you will learn from it. Once you make that decision and follow through, you will find the certainty you need to make the right one next time.

Know this, if you stop making decisions altogether, you will end up in a world of uncertainty
and that will create a disconnect with your partner.This uncertainty trickles into all aspects of your life – marriage, business, God – and you will eventually lose the EDGE… and that’s the worst place to be.

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