The first thing I do every morning is my Ritual. This is when I exercise, meditate and try to focus myself with the most powerful intention for the day. During this time, I usually set an intention for the day.

This morning was no different. I sat on a rock in my backyard and thought about what I wanted to get out of today. I pondered CLARITY.

The most powerful intention any businessman should have in his life is his CLARITYIt doesn’t matter how much you execute or how much you have. If you are not clear about your desired outcome, you are just running around in circles.

I am guilty as charged. I have been in a situation where I’ve had too many projects. I

most powerful intention

’ve said “yes” to too many things and I wasn’t clear about the outcomes. To manage myself better, I have started imploring God. I ask Him to guide me toward those things that are His will… that the task at hand is something for and from Him.

As entrepreneurs, we have to have faith and believe things will work. If I don’t have faith, I start operating out of uncertainty. During times of uncertainty, I cannot be my best. I look for shortcuts and loopholes so I can get to the result faster.

If I am clear during the day, I can tap into flow. It only matters if I finish – not how quickly or slowly I got there. As long as I have clarity, I will get the right result.

If you have a clear picture of what you want, you will be able to devise a plan for attaining it. You may be feeling afraid now, but fear is good. Embrace it and allow it to push you to the next level.

Remember, clarity is power.

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