Every day, 8,000 thoughts fly through our minds.
80% of those thoughts are yesterday’s thoughts.

So, when you wake up every morning, you are hearing the voices of doubt, fear and anxiety. Those negative thoughts flowing from YOUR HEAD will frame everything you believe. They will define who you are and how you go about your day. Therefore, you just wake up and listen to your heart.

Now, what if you woke up every single morning and listened to the right voice?

Each morning you have a choice to listen to the right voice.

wake up and listen

Right now, I am sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to depart. As I wait at this gate I hear many voices calling different flights and different destinations.

If I don’t have the certainty of knowing where I am going I might get on the wrong flight. Therefore, I must be present and hear the voices in the airport, the voice that will guide me to the right gate…the right destination…the right flight…so I get where I want to go.

Every morning you have a choice to listen to the RIGHT VOICE. Will you listen to the voices of fear and anxiety – the voices inside your head, or will you make a conscious choice to tap into the voice INSIDE YOUR SOUL –the one that says, “I will guide you to your destination.

Every day is a choice.Wake up and listen to the right voice.