I had a mastermind call with some of my clients yesterday. A couple of them chose not to show up. When I texted them to find out where the fuck they were, they told me they weren’t going to show up because they didn’t think they had done enough work.

Their behavior was a pattern that people of all levels sometimes experience. Because they didn’t do as much work as they thought they should have done, they felt guilt and shame and didn’t want to show up. Guilt and shame are the two things that kill productivity. Every time you feel guilt and shame your energy is drained and you are unable to execute.

These guys are bad asses. They did more than the average person but they still felt like they hadn’t done enough. When amongst their peers they felt less than the others. How many times do we do this to ourselves? How many times do we compare ourselves against others and feel inadequate in their sight? Guilt and shame kill your momentum…your creativity.

Here’s a question:

Where in your life do you feel guilt and shame? When I got real with myself and found where I was feeling guilt and shame, I got busy and cleaned that shit up.

If I was feeling that way toward my business, maybe I wasn’t doing the things I said I was going to do. Instead of saying you’re going to do something, just do it so you can move forward.

kill productivity

Every time I compared myself against other people’s successes, I failed to understand their backstory – what they went through, how long they had been in the game.

Stop comparing yourself against other people because you don’t know the real story. We only know what people want to show us. Television and social media present only the “facts” as they want us to perceive them.

Don’t even compare yourself to me. I have a backstory littered with challenges I overcame to reach the next level. When I was building my business, I was losing money every single year. It has taken me almost a million dollars In investments to build The Next Level Experience.

Stop comparing and be WILLING TO DO YOU. Get rid of the guilt and shame. Every day you hold onto those feelings is a day you do not progress.

PROGRESS is the key. Don’t seek PERFECTION every time you execute. Fuck perfection. You want progress.

When I felt like giving up, I focused on the progress I was making. I may have felt like I wasn’t doing enough, but as long as I moved forward, I knew that was all I needed. Seeking perfection created guilt and shame.

You are the only one responsible for your successes and failures.

Don’t feel guilt and shame over the things you didn’t finish yesterday. Stop comparing yourself and EXECUTE TODAY!

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