I just returned from a real estate conference in Las Vegas and the question was,

“How do you get motivated or what is the key to motivation?”

I believe that the key to motivation is a feeling.What you’re going after is a feeling…an emotion that drives you to take action.When I asked conference attendees what motivated them they said three things.

  • Some said money.
  • Some said family.
  • Others said recognition.

Everyone has a different way of getting motivated, but there is a challenge. The challenge is you are chasing that emotion. It won’t just come to you. Even if you chase that emotion and catch it, you can’t always trust it. Sometimes your emotions will betray you.

For example, if you see a hot girl down the street you can become emotionally attracted to that girl. If you are a married man, you shouldn’t act on that emotion and go after her.

Maybe you see a nice car and you don’t have the money. You want the emotion having that car will bring but you can’t spend the money. The desire to have that car will be the emotion that betrays you. It could mislead you to do something you probably shouldn’t.Key To Motivation

The difference between motivation and taking action
is being aware of the emotions going through your mind.

  • What is in your mind?
  • What are you motivated by?
  • What emotion triggers you into action?

The problem is most of us take action based on our emotions.
For example, if I feel like going to the gym, I will go to the gym.If I feel like making some money, then I will make some calls.If I feel like talking to my wife, then I will connect with her.If you are looking for that feeling…that emotion to incite your actions…Don’t wait for that it.

You need to CREATE that emotion.
You need to CREATE that feeling.

You have a choice every single day to say,

Shit. I’m not going to wait to feel like going to the gym.I’m going to step into the fucking gym…I’m going to work out…so I can get that emotion by taking action.

Inaction breeds uncertainty.Conquer uncertainty by taking action. Don’t wait until your wife is disconnected or your kids want to talk to you. Take action today so you can get that emotion and feel that connection you want from your family. We are drowning in information and thirsting for motivation… But that’s not going to help you until you chase the action instead of the emotion. Until you are aware of the shit you are doing your emotions will betray you. Do the things you said you would do.

Commit to those things and those results then start acting accordingly.Only after you take that action…only after you start doing the things you said you would do Are you going to have that feeling.

Everyone else around you is CHASING that emotion…chasing the motivation…chasing that feeling.

  • CREATE that feeling.
  • CREATE that emotion.

That will create a ripple effect in your life that will continually deliver the results you seek.

Audio Source: Sound Cloud