Finish the week strongly!

I remember when I couldn’t wait for the weekends. I used to live for Friday because I couldn’t wait for Saturday and Sunday. I lived for the weekend because I hated what I did for a living.

Most people are in the rut of living for the weekends.When you are a business owner, there is no such thing as weekends.You can’t take days off.Days off are an illusion.

How do you set yourself up to finish strong so you can win?
-I stopped living for the weekend.
-I do the opposite.

In my real estate business, that’s when most deals happen. If I want to get shit done, I set things up ahead of time so I am more productive.Every single Friday I would set up my Monday and I don’t stop over the weekends. I may slow down so I can enjoy time with my family and reset my mind… but I don’t stop.
Finish The Week
The moment you stop is the moment when you give your competition the advantage. You become comfortable and lazy and it is harder to come back on Monday.

Everyone else is taking it easy over the weekends.They’ll show up on Monday and spend their time hung over and trying to get their shit together… but not people like you and me.

If we set our Mondays up on Fridays and prepare ourselves throughout the weekend, we will be able to hit Mondays hard and we will win.

-Most people are lazy and don’t want to set themselves up for winning.
-Most people aren’t going to do the extra work to set themselves up for Monday.

The difference between winners and losers is they stop for the weekend. They have an OFF switch.

If you are a business owner who wants to get paid and leave a legacy, there is no OFF switch.

Set yourself up to win every single day.Treat every Friday like a Monday and every Monday like the day you have an advantage. Those who hate Mondays are not prepared and they will not win…
but those who are prepared will always win.

So, if you want to win throughout the week, finish strong on the weekends.Slow down, but don’t fucking stop.

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