Every day I hear from people who tell me,

“You are so inspirational. You’re so motivational. You’re always on fire.”

They want to know how I create that FIRE every day. Here’s the one thing I ask them –

What are the challenges in your life right now and how are you handling them? Let’s look at how fire is created.

  • Fire is created by friction.
  • Fire is created when challenges come into your life.
  • Fire happens while you are dealing with those challenges.

The reason most people can’t make the fire is because they are waiting for other people to create it for them. They are too comfortable to create the friction they need to make fire.

Every time you face a challenge, you have two choices.

Do you CREATE FIRE or do you bend and put out your fire to please others so their fire can burn?

If you are a fire creator, you can’t wait for others – your wife, your business, God – you have to be in charge and take responsibility to create the fire in your life.

Create The Fire In Your Life

I realized long ago no one is going to give me FIRE. To get inspiration, I might borrow someone’s fire for a little while.Eventually I need to create my own fire to live the life I want.

Are you creating your own fire with the friction of your own challenges?

Are you putting your fire out and pretending your problems and goals don’t exist?
Embrace challenges in your life and CREATE the FIRE you need so motivation isn’t the only thing helping you live life on your own terms.

Without the capacity to create your own fire, you will always need others around you to give you fire.

-It’s not enough to be a firewalker.
-It’s not enough to jump up and down and be motivated.

You have to be able to create fire before you can walk on fire.

Audio Source: Sound Cloud