When a man decides to lead, he steps outside his comfort zone. He raises his hand and says, “I know the path. Follow me.”

We expect leadership to be easy. But we end up being faced with challenges. There are people who may not agree with the things we say. People close to us may challenge our beliefs and we begin to doubt.

Doubt is cast over our leadership skills, our mission and our purpose. We end up shrinking as we try to please everyone. Our desire to be good leaders makes us seek perfection.

Perfection is the lowest standard. It is impossible to be perfect. Because we pursue perfection, we end up going backwards and sabotaging our leadership.

decide to lead

We try to be good followers, but we know deep inside we were born to lead. Every time you want to lead, fear and doubt of being perfect prevents you from making a difference.

Perfection is not the answer – progress is the answer. Men who have created change are committed to progress in all aspects of their lives.

God and the Universe are not testing you to see if you are qualified to lead. If you have been called to lead, then you are already qualified.

Life is pushing you to make sure you grow. The challenges you are facing as a leader are simply to shape your character. Every single day you decide to lead, you will be confronted with one question.

  • Are you committed to progress?
  • Are you committed to growth?

If you are not committed to growth and progress, any challenges you face will cause you to shrink and believe you are not worthy of leading.

Men who have made a difference are men who have heeded a call to create progress and know they are imperfect.

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