We live in a culture that sometimes takes FREEDOM for granted; freedom is not free… We wake up every single day and take for granted the freedoms we have –

  • The freedom to worship how we want.
  • The freedom to work where we want.
  • The freedom to speak our truths however we want.

Every person in this country has these freedoms because someone else has paid the price…someone else sacrificed their life for your freedom.

My parents sacrificed their entire lives to come to this country. I’m a first generation immigrant, so I understand the freedom this country gives. Until you leave this country you cannot truly appreciate the freedom you have. As Americans, we have the freedom to create the business and life you want…to love who you want… to express yourself.

Yet, if you are not doing everything you can to explore that freedom, you are giving someone else the opportunity to take it away from you.

Don’t take freedom for granted

If you want to honor the men and women who gave their lives for your freedom, live every single day like it’s your last day on this earth.

Don’t take freedom for granted, again because freedom is not free. If you’re a Christian, youfreedom is not free know that Jesus paid the ultimate price so you can be alive. Sometimes, I forget and wake up feeling entitled. I get upset because shit isn’t going my way, and forget I am free. I am a free man because someone else paid the price so I could be free.

If you want to live on the EDGE… If you want to get to the next level… don’t forget that you are free.

Even if health or finances restrict you, you are free and you can expand your mind. Nobody can take that away from you!

Audio Source: Sound Cloud