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How Do You Create the FIRE in Your Life?

Every day I hear from people who tell me, “You are so inspirational. You’re so motivational. You’re always on fire.” They want to know how I create that FIRE every day. Here’s the one thing I ask them – What are the challenges in your life right now and how are you handling them? Let’s

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The Key to Motivation

I just returned from a real estate conference in Las Vegas and the question was, “How do you get motivated or what is the key to motivation?” I believe that the key to motivation is a feeling.What you’re going after is a feeling…an emotion that drives you to take action.When I asked conference attendees what

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What Does It Take to Succeed?

Everyday people ask me "how to succeed in life" or similar questions: “What does it take to be successful?” “What will it take to get to the next level?” “How to succeed in marriage, or in business…?” Here’s the simple answer: IT TAKES EVERYTHING YOU GOT! 9 out of 10 Business FAIL every year. 50% of

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The Fear Factor

The Fear Factor What is fear? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about FEAR or the fear factor? Most people think fear is a bad thing. Fear is for the weak. It is for those who are not confident, for those who don’t have what it takes. There are two

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Freedom Is Not FREE

We live in a culture that sometimes takes FREEDOM for granted; freedom is not free... We wake up every single day and take for granted the freedoms we have – The freedom to worship how we want. The freedom to work where we want. The freedom to speak our truths however we want. Every person

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Why New Years Resolutions FAIL!- Weekly EDGE 002

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