Some Days You Will Feel Like You Are Failing

Some days you are going to feel like nothing is going right and you are failing at life. Your bank account is a mess. You are overwhelmed by emails and don’t know where to start.

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The Two Things That Kill Productivity

I had a mastermind call with some of my clients yesterday. A couple of them chose not to show up. When I texted them to find out where the fuck they were, they told me

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Why Is Stress Good?

Is Stress Good?  Today I met with two of my clients. Each is facing big challenges in his life. One client is going through a shit storm in three areas of his life: his business,

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There Will Be Days You Feel Like Nothing Is Working For You

Yes, my friend, there will be days when you feel like nothing is working for you. You will feel like you are taking two steps backward for each step you take forward. You try over

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Who Is Your Worst Enemy?

You will have enemies in your life. Despite what you think, there are people who don’t want you to succeed, they may be your worst enemy. There are people who will take from you and want

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Wake Up and Listen!

Every day, 8,000 thoughts fly through our minds. 80% of those thoughts are yesterday’s thoughts. So, when you wake up every morning, you are hearing the voices of doubt, fear and anxiety. Those negative thoughts

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What Does It Take to Be Committed?

Commitment is one of those words that gets thrown around very easily these days. Everybody says they have true commitment for – their success, their relationship, leveling up. Here’s the reality. Most people are fucking

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How Do You Create the FIRE in Your Life?

Every day I hear from people who tell me, “You are so inspirational. You’re so motivational. You’re always on fire.” They want to know how I create that FIRE every day. Here’s the one thing

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The Key to Motivation

I just returned from a real estate conference in Las Vegas and the question was, “How do you get motivated or what is the key to motivation?” I believe that the key to motivation is

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What Does It Take to Succeed?

Everyday people ask me "how to succeed in life" or similar questions: “What does it take to be successful?” “What will it take to get to the next level?” “How to succeed in marriage, or in

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