The World Doesn’ t Owe You Anything

Is it true that the world doesn't owe you anything? As I talk to entrepreneurs each day, I have noticed a pattern. We think people owe us something. Just because we have opened up a

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Why Do Most Of Us Fail To Take Action?

Are you also fail to take action? I’m a student of the game of life. I’ve studied my patterns as well as the patterns of others. I am always looking for ways to improve myself.

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Why Do We Sabotage Our Momentum?

Do we sabotage our momentum? -We are constantly moving in a million directions. -We want to please our spouses, have healthy bodies and create a legacy. But – it’s inevitable. There will be a crash,

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Why Most Male Entrepreneurs Aren’t Winning

It is the fact that males are having less patience than females. So it one of the reasons why most male entrepreneurs aren't winning. It takes one thing to win in business:  PATIENCE… and female

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How To Finish The Week Strong

Finish the week strongly! I remember when I couldn’t wait for the weekends. I used to live for Friday because I couldn’t wait for Saturday and Sunday. I lived for the weekend because I hated

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How To Create Passion After 20 years in The Same Business or Relationship

I had a call today with some of my VIP clients and one question came up. How do you create passion after twenty years? I’ve been an entrepreneur and husband for 17 years so I

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What’s The Number One Pattern Of Men Who Fail?

I speak with hundreds of men every single month who apply to the Next Level Experience looking for their chance to find the EDGE. They have a common trait –they can’t make a decision to

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Nobody Cares About Your Excuses

Is it true that nobody cares about your excuses? Last night I had a great evening with my family. We do this every single week. This time we had dinner, rented the Fast and the

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Pride Vs. Proud

Have a look on Pride Vs. Proud! Why don’t highly successful men capable of executing every single day like to ask for help? We have been conditioned not to ask for help. We don’t even ask

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The Purpose of Pain

There is one certainty in life: we will experience PAIN. I am no stranger to pain. Emotional and physical pain – I have experienced them both in my life. But the one thing I have

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